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Organic Herbal Bamboo & Crystal Facecloth

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These innovative, organic bamboo washcloths utilize an ancient, sacred method of herbal dyeing. They contain a refined elixir of herbs and crystals to produce the best results in caring for a particular skin type. 

¤These petite but potent washcloths measure approximately 2 inches by 2 inches and can be used for up to 30 washes.

*Choose at checkout from: 

~Jade: For dry + oily combination skin. Contains an enlightening blend of Indigo, slippery elm, sandalwood, and jade. 

~Citrine: For Mature, dry and sensitive skin. Contains a nourishing, healing Blend of herbs and crystals including turmeric, citrine, amla, rhodiola, and myrrh. 

~ Carnelian: For Oily skin types. Contains Revitalizing and lymphatic moving Herbs of licorice,  Guggul, Orange,  Cinnamon and carnelian. 

~ Lapis Lazuli: For Dry, acne combination skin. Contains an Enlighteing Blend of Lapis Lazuli, Indigo, Marshmallow and Nouri to reduce inflammation &  irritation and balance sebaceous glands. It helps rejuvenate tired, dry skin with soothing effects. 

Rose Quartz: For Acneic skin types. Contains a soothing, balancing blend of Manjistha, HydrangeaRose, Hibiscus and Rose Quartz. 

~ Amethyst: For Oily skin types. Contains a purifying  blend of Organic Chaga, Lavender,  Dandelion, Hawthorne, Amethyst, & a handful of gentle spices to balance the complexion.