Soul Stir Crystal Chakra Drink Stirrer

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Soul Stirs are a beautiful & unique way to balance your Chakras by infusing your drinks with the power of crystals. Each Stirrer has a Chakra symbol design at the top and is filled with polished, natural crystals that work to clear that specific chakra. 

Charge the Soul Stir under moonlight and stir it through your favorite beverage to direct your intention. 

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CROWN: Topped with Sahasrara, this Soul Stir represents the Crown Chakra. It is associated with space and nothingness, and reminds us of self- transcendence and merging with the infinite wisdom of the Universe. Filled with AMETHYST,  this Soul Stir gathers scattered energy in the mind, body and spirit and cleanses it to balance our feelings.

HEART: Topped with Anahata who calls our attention to the heart where our mind, body and spirit come together. Anahata is the seat of love, relation, connection and compassion. Filled with AVENTURINE stones, this Soul Stir enhances the connection to our hearts by balancing energy, stimulating emotional recovery, creativity and possibility. 

ROOT: Topped with Muladhara, this Soul Stir helps focus on grounding of the mind, intellect, consciousness and ego to keep us balanced and at peace.  Filled with RED JASPER, this Soul Stir will calm the emotional body and help create a lasting,  stable energy for improving health,  setting goals and following them through. 

THIRD EYE: Topped with Anja this Soul Stir balances the Third Eye chakra. This chakra is associated with the duality between the self and the Universe. It teaches us the lessons to gather and expand into divine consciousness. Filled with LAPIS LAZULI, this Soul Stir aids one through the journey of self-exploration and communication with self, and others.