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Bath Bomb with Rose Quartz Crystal

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The Infinite Self-Love Rose Quartz Crystal Bath Bomb

by Self Goddess

Your bath time should be a sacred and luxurious experience and this rejuvenating and hydrating Rose bath bomb will make it just that!

Throw in this 7 ounce  mood uplifting luxurious bomb to create a space of immense unconditional love to support your own self-love, self-care journey.  As you do, envision the bomb illuminating the pink water with with loving energies, as it infuses it with the unconditional healing of Rose Quartz! And remember: 

♡ You are loved, You are worthy, You are a powerful beacon of love and light! 


7 Ounce, 9 inch circumference  Pink Bath bomb with one Infused Rose Quartz crystal. 

♡ Cruelty Free 


*Handmade in USA*

*Ethically Sourced* 

*Small Batch Produced*