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Crystal Power Pens seek to Capture the natural beauty and power of crystals in a writing pen!

PEN-ERGY is the new way to take Journaling to a new level. 

These pens are filled with small, polished, natural crystals charged with positive intention and energy. These healing stones are a powerful way to enhance all aspects of your life, as well as your writing.

Each pen carries a different crystal and intention. Choose From:

~Grounding: HEMATITE. Hematite is known as the most effective of all stones in grounding the physical body. It can counteract confusion and spaciness and has long been known for manifesting the higher light energy on the Earth Plane.

~Love: ROSE QUARTZ. The purpose of Rose Quartz is to open up the heart to ALL unconditional love including of self, platonic, family and in romantic relationships. Bringing love into our daily lives lowers stress and brings an inner peace and warmth to our existence on the earth plane and beyond. *Affiliated with the HEART CHAKRA 

~Knowledge: LAPIS LAZULI. Known as the "wisdom keeper" Lapis Lazuli is an ideal stone for setting intentions, and brings harmony and a deep inner knowledge to oneself. It encourages self expression and reveals inner truth by allowing creativity and strengthening confidence. *Affiliated with the THIRD EYE chakra. 

~Wisdom: AMETHYSTThis stone can help connect the common sense and spiritual insight for more centered decision making. It cleanses the energy in the mind, body and spirit which will promote peace, calm and clarity to balance self and space. It gathers scattered energy for a more centered, positive feeling. *Affiliated with the CROWN chakra. 

~Inspiration: RAINBOW; AVENTURINE & CLEAR QUARTZ. Paired together Aventurine and clear Quartz crystal open the heart chakra and allow us to feel gratitude for what we have. These stones grace the spirit with the confidence to step out of our comfort zone with less fear, so that we attract newfound positivity and luck. We can become more inspired to create our own reality and healthy environment. *Affiliated with the HEART chakra. 

~Vitality: CITRINE  Affiliated with the Solar Pexus chakra, this lemon yellow stone sparks imagination and curiosity by super-charging the inner light. It's pure energy promotes joy and happiness and can lead to new experiences,  relationships and adventures if used with an open mind and proper intent. *Affiliated with the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra. 

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