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High Vibe Mini Set-PROTECTION

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High Vibe Polish Mini Trio Set: PROTECTION 

by Positive Times

This is my favorite boxed set of three mini High Vibe Crystal Infused nail polishes. 

*Selenite is a soft white with a full velvety pearl shine. It contains micronized Selenite crystal,  charged under a Brooklyn full moon.

Selenite: Cleansing,  Stability, Protection 

*Black Tourmaline is a soft black with a subtle silver pearl shimmer. I have found that it applies somewhat matte, and builds to a shinier finish. Beautifully unique! It contains micronized black tourmaline crystal charged under a Brooklyn full moon. 

Black Tourmaline: Purification, Protection,  Dispels worry.

*Clear Quartz: Each bottle of clear quartz top coat contains a clear quartz crystal point!

Clear Quartz: Amplifies energy and intent.

*All High Vibe Polishes are vegan, 10 free, and hand mixed in Brooklyn NY* 



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