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Divine Feminine Botanical Perfume

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Divine Feminine Botanical Perfume Oil

by Self Goddess 

This is an incredibly empowering fragrance in a beautiful, feminine container! 

An all natural botanical Perfume oil inspired to reconnect us back to our souls essence. The intentionally curated selections of floral and herb essences were specifically blended together to awaken the Goddess Consciousness.

It will allow you to step into the truth of who you are and invoke the energies of your inherent feminine power!

The petite corked applicator places the fragrance precisely where you want it, on pulse points or anywhere you desire. Use no discretion, Goddess!

Mantra: I embody and radiate my feminine light.


*Crystal, Herbal, and floral infused. Fragrance is a musky, mild floral.

*Cruelty Free*

*All Natural*

*Small Batch, Intent Created*

1 OUNCE glass, corked bottle 

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