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Capricorn Affirmation Day Planner | 4-Month Undated 

Greetings, Capricorn. Welcome to your special personalized daily planner, which was carefully designed with your needs in mind.

First of all, it’s split neatly down the middle. All along the right hand side, you have an hour-by-hour breakdown of your day. A Capricorn is always busy, always working hard, and always thinking of the future. Therefore, a detailed hourly schedule is the perfect tool to help you stay organized as you go about your busy day. Because you’ve got so much to do, let your hourly planner keep track of your detailed schedule. Its placement along the right side of the page is for easy reference.

Capricorn is achievement-driven. You’re a one-two punch of initiative and work ethic, so you take on a lot in your busy day. Your personalized planner comes with a section for identifying the top three tasks of the day so you don’t end up getting too overwhelmed with commitments. The Capricorn mind works best when it’s focused on what is most important, and this section is to help you assign which tasks earn that distinction.

Every month also has an affirmation that is designed with Capricorns in mind - reminding you that life isn't only about work, but also encouraging you along your path to greatness.

Enjoy your new planner’s practical layout and keep it handy as you take on the challenges of work, school, and your side-hustle.