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Adjustable Brass Plated Crushed Raw Pyrite Ring

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Adjustable Brass Plated Crushed Raw Pyrite Ring

Each of these lovingly handcrafted genuine gold or silver plated brass ring is adorned with hand crushed raw pyrite, and is easily adjusted by pushing outward or inward from the middle of the ring. 

Raw Pyrite is a stone of protection and creativity. It has a beautifully metallic luster that is somewhere between gold and silver in color, making it very versatile.

Please note, it is normal for some flecks of raw pyrite to flake off over time with normal wear. This does not negatively reflect on the high standard quality of this handcrafted ring. Listing is for ring of same design as pictured, however as we know Mother Nature rarely duplicates herself. Each raw stone will vary slightly. 

Choose at checkout from:

Silver Plated Brass & Raw Pyrite

Rose Gold Plated Brass & Raw Pyrite

Handcrafted in the USA by DYNAMO