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Chakra Wax Melts

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Chakra Wax Melts 

by The Cultura Collective

These hand poured 100% soy wax melts are infused with Phthalate-Free fragrance for an environment-friendly and cleaner burn. Each wax melt container is blended with a unique selection of dried botanicals, and essential oils to heighten vibration in any sacred space. They will cleanse negative energy and assist you in any ritual you wish to carry out. 

Fragrances adorned with dried Botanicals include:

Crown Chakra for Aura Cleanse: White Sage & Lavender scented with white sage & lavender botanicals. 

Third Eye Chakra for Alignment: Coriander + Tonka scented with white sage & palo santo botanicals.

Throat Chakra for Grounding: Sandalwood + Suede scented with white sage & lavender Botanicals. 

Heart Chakra for love spell: White Tea + Berries scented with white sage & rose petal botanicals. 

Solar Plexus Chakra for wealth: Hymalayan Bamboo scented with peppermint & chamomile botanicals. 

Sacral Chakra for Creativity: Watermint + Clementine scented with peppermint & chamomile botanicals.

Root Chakra for Grounding: Oak moss + Amber with oak moss botanicals. 

*Cruelty Free 

*Small Batch Produced 

*Ethically Sourced 

*Non Toxic