Anatomy of the Human Aura




Everything in the universe is made up of a very complex combination of atoms and energy cells which in turn generate a magnetic field that can be felt, sensed and in some cases seen.  This magnetic field or energy source is known as our aura, or life force, and it fluctuates in color depending on our moods, emotions and physical well being.  However, most individuals have one dominant hue, and one lesser but quite strong hue.  These two colors are called "auric pairs."

The more vivid or bright a persons aura is the more connected they are to source energy, and the more positive and energetic they usually are.  These people are nice to be around, and have a generally "good vibe."

Black auras, on the other hand usually indicate a sluggish or "lower vibration" which absorbs rather than radiates energy.  We have all come in contact with what's considered an "energy vampire," and if you spend time with these types of people you feel drained and depleted.  Also, if a person has a blockage in one area of the body or chakra, this can cause a black hue in that area.

Most of us have less of an understanding of our energy bodies than we do our physical bodies even though the energy body actually reflects our character, emotional and mental activity more than the physical body. 


Blockages in the energy body will contribute to dis-ease in the physical body if you have experienced loss, trauma, grief, stress or any other emotional pain because is causes congestion and distortions in the flow of your life force.

For this reason it is imperitive that you develop cleansing and protective methods for your aura, to keep negative behaviors and thought patterns from affecting you, leading to these harmful blockages.  Everyone should be in tune with their own energy force and use intuition when developing their personal protection and cleansing rituals and tools.

Are chakras and auras the same thing? No, the difference is, Chakras are spinning energy gates or vortices, while auras are energy fields surrounding our bodies.  Chakras do influence auras, such as when we have blockages, but they are not the same thing.

The more you understand the anatomy of the auric, or subtle fields of your body, the better you can keep your own life force flowing freely, and avoid blockages and dis-ease of the physical plane body.


These energy fields are commonly called the "aura," and are not so easily seen as the physical layer.  However, these are where our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional charachteristics are stored.  They can be in balance or out of balance. Energy medicine practitioners believe that it's not enough to just treat the physical body when people are unwell, but the other four layers must be evaluated as well for dis-ease.

~Physical Energy:  This layer is considered our physical selves and is comprised of our "flesh and blood."  But they are also energy just like the other layers of the body which are unseen by most.

~Etheric Energy:  The second, or etheric (from the word "Ether") layer is located approximately one quarter to no more than an inch from our physical body.  Energy medicine practitioners who can see or sense this layer have described it as being somewhat comparable to a spider web in that is feels sticky.  It usually has a gray or gray-blue color.

~Emotional Layer:  This is the third layer and is centrally located within the layers.  It is very volitile and can fluctuate when we are experiencing intense emotions as it is where our feelings and fears are present.

~Mental Energy: This is where our bellief systems and ideas are stored and our thoughts are assimilated and sorted out.  It is also where we keep our personal truths or our perceptions of truth based on past experiences.

~Spiritual Energy: This is the final layer and ties us not only to our past lives, but is also is where our higher awareness resides.  We are connected to universal consciousness through this layer.


 Some of these layers follow the contours of the body, and others radiate in the shape of an oval.  It is believed that this field extends approximately 2 to 3 feet on all sides, including above your head and below your feet into the ground.  When you look at the layers going from the inside out the vibration of each level becomes higher. 



Also note that each layer is related to the chakra of the same number.  If you are suffering from abnormalities in your essence, they can be distinguished by certain colors in the layers of your field.




RED: Passion, Physicality, strength, determination, groundedness

ORANGE: Excitement, vitality, thrill-seeking, leadership, confidence

YELLOW: Optimism, laughter, freedom, inspiration, creativity

GREEN: Healing, generosity, service, responsible, love of nature

BLUE: Communication, self-expression, depth, intuition, clarity

INDIGO: Wisdom, insight, sensitivity, spirituality, deep inner "knowing"

PURPLE: Higher consciousness, visionary, spiritual awareness


If a person has a solid white aura, which is very rare, it is said that they have no blockage, and are very in touch with the spiritual plane, and even may possess healing and or psychic qualities.

In turn, if you have a dark aura it doesn't neccessarily mean you are bad, evil or have evil surrounding you (though sometimes it can), it usually just means you are in a bad state of emotioanl wellbeing.  Fortunately, we can usually do something about our personal situations if we are aware of what's causing the problem. Usually it is just a case of a bad mood, or a bout of low energy and it will pass.  But there ARE a few long-term underlying issues which will cause auras to remain dark, these include:

Chronic depression and mental illness

Extremely low self-esteem and confidence

Constant negative thoughts

Fear, anxiety, despair, hopelessness, grief

Continual thoughts of failure

An unwillingness to forgive

Physical illness

Poor living arrangements

Low energy levels

Poor diet



 Since your aura is a reflection of your state of health and wellbeing, it makes sense that it can and will fluctuate.  So if you address underlying issues, your aura vibration will change.  We can usualy keep our auras in a healthy state if we use our intuition, meditation, visualization and regular cleansing rituals.  However, sometimes it may be neccessary to consult an energy healer if you feel you need more professional advice or have recently experienced emotional or physical trauma. 

In conclusion, we are all spiritual beings first and foremost and a glimpse of an aura, whether it is yours or someone elses serves as a reminder of this fact.   Our physical bodies are secondary to who we are and can have an effect on the auric field since we are here on this earth plane to have a "human" experience.  But keeping your energy field clean and healthy will help keep dis-ease from manifesting in your physical body. 


Be Blessed! ~Sandra-Elizabeth Hood, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist, Owner Indigo Dove Metaphysical Shop llc