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The ANGELIC REALM: Repeating Numbers

"How wonderful it must be to speak the language of angels, with no words for hate and a million words for love!" -Eileen Elias Freeman 


The angelic realm exists at a different vibrational frequency than we do, but the celestial beings residing there can still communicate with us via many different pathways of correspondence.  One of the most recognizable ones is through number sequences, or synchronicities.  

Depending on a persons belief system, angels are also known as spirit guides, light beings, Universal knowledge, guardians and many others. But regardless of how you choose to refer to them, their etheral nature requires us to be open to their unique energy in order to interpret their messages.  Angels will not usually enter our lives unless we acknowledge and invite them, so it is of utmost importance that you do this to recieve the messages they are conveying to you.  This sends encouragement which will be reciprocated in life changing ways! 


Have you ever noticed repeating numbers that appear in your daily life?  Perhaps you wake up every morning at 3:33 to get a drink of water.  Or every 12 hours you just "happen" to look at the clock and it's 4:44, 2:22, and so forth.  You may even see the same repeating numbers in many different places and start to realize it is not just a coincidence especially if it is the same number or sequences frequently.  It is instead a MESSAGE!  Everyone has at least a few specific numbers that they instinctively know are their personal "angel numbers" while other numbers will be situational and you must use your intuition to interpret them. Because numbers have a vibrational nature similar to that of celestial beings it is the perfect way for the pathway to the divine to open

Although certain numbers have specific vibrational meanings, you still must use your own intuition and trust your interpretations of what each number represents to you and your circumstances.

Here is a basic guide to understanding the meanings of numbers as angelic messages:

  • 1~ This is the number of  leadership and independence.  When this number appears it could signal something new or original is going to happen in your life.  ALSO NOTE: 11 is a master number!  So please pay special attention to it if you see it in any form, repeating (11:11) or singularly (11).  It is a strong sign to listen to your intuition!  You may be changing vibrational frequencies and that can only lead to something great in your life if you become aware of this fact.
  • 2~ This is a very unique, spiritually important and SIGNIFICANT number.  If you see it repeating in any way it means PAY ATTENTION!  It is associated with hidden love and power you may not realize you have. It is also a universal number that needs to be personally interpreted by your current situation, so most of all when you see it you must do some soul searching and realize what needs a positive change. We ALL know what is best for us, even if it's only subconsciously so LISTEN to your gut.  It can also be associated with a soul mate type situation, platonic OR romantic. Human or animal. (YES! It goes without saying that Pets can be soul mates).
  • 3~  This is an exciting number! It means your angels are near and prayers will be answered IF they are appropriate and beneficial. It says to you that you are on the right path so continue because your plans are going to work if you stay positive.  
  • 4~This number is associated with determination, inner wisdom, intuition and the ability to LISTEN to your gut.  It can signal change is coming IF you are willing to acknowledge and proceed with it.  This applies to relationships, career and other important areas of your life
  • 5~ Adventure, excitement and higher consciousness, it can be a sign that good times are on the way, but you need to BALANCE this with the material and spiritual aspects of you life!  It also signifies independance, individualism and courage.  5 is also one number that is known for having a negative connotation.  It can mean you tend to be a bit on the irresponsible side and so you MUST pay attention to bad habits so that they don't lead to serious issues.  As with other number sequences and messages, you must use intuition to realize what 5 is telling you as it is usually quite obvious.
  • 6~ Despite association with the occult or "devil worship" 6 is not a negative number.  On the contrary it is related to family ties and responsibilities within your close relationships.  If you keep seeing the number 6 pay close attention to these relationships  including ones with extended family, friends which you consider very close and significant in your life and also pets. If you continue to see 6 you should know that balance must be kept in your home AND with your emotions.  Pay special attention to keeping peace and harmony in this aspect of your life. 
  • 7~ This is a wonderful number to see because it means you are in alignment with your spiritual purpose. You are either experiencing spiritual awareness or are in an awakening process. It can be a bit confusing and awkward to go through the latter, but if you see the number 7 rest assured you are on the right path!
  • 8~The number 8 is symmetrical in nature so it represents balance of all prosperity. You must not rely on material things for happiness but remember to pay attention to your spirit,  mind and body also.
  • 9~ 9 is another unique number because of the fact that it can also be a combination of 3, as in 333.  It can also represent humanitarian and light work in your life. If you feel a strong desire to help others or the planet in general then you should pay attention to the times when you see 9 or other sequences that add up to it. 
  • 10~Since the number 10 is is a combination of 1 and 0, it carries the vibrational energy of both. 1 is a number that represents leadership qualities you possess in life and as stated above also indicates independance and a new beginning.  0 is mystic in nature and and is CLOSELY related to the power of the Universe.  10 is about your future and the ability to shape it and move forward. Pay attention to the circumstances when you see this number and you will realize how to proceed in order to accomplish your goals.
Another meaningful number is your birthday sequence.  If this number or numbers keep showing up, it means your angels are definitely trying to convey a message and you should pay attention to the circumstances surrounding their appearance!  You will be the only one who can interpret the meaning, so simply use your intuition to decipher the message.
There are many other COMBINATIONS of numbers that can be very personal to you.  I encourage everyone to notice these sequences because they can be the MOST SIGNIFICANT ONES! 
I personlly see combinations of 2's, 4's and 1's very often so I know without a doubt they are MY specific angel numbers.  I have my own meaningful interpretations of these combinations.  I thouroughly believe that if you "assign" certain numbers to your own beliefs you are very directly inviting the DIVINE energy of the Universe into your life to guide you.  The more you LISTEN the more guidance you will receive!
The most challenging part of opening yourself up to the angelic realm is simply trusting that they are there and have heard or sensed your request.  If you are skeptical, or DOUBT your intuition, you will instantly loose communication or block energy from your spirit guides or angels.  Be open to and INVITE these powerful energies into your life and you will be amazed at how they repond!
Since we are all  'One with source'  there is an energy within all of us that knows what needs to be done on a personal level to "tune into" the guidance that angels are sending you. Don't doubt! Just listen AND trust THE ANGELS AMONG US! #Synchronicities #AngelicRealm #RepeatingNumbers #AngelNumbers
If you have experienced repeating numbers or any other synchronicities please share in the comments below!
Stay well and practice kindness always~
Sandra Hood, Owner Indigo Dove Metaphysical Shop llc,  Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist, Certified Reiki Practitioner and former Esthetician 

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