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Enlightenment is not a Fad!

Spiritual awakening is a simple concept, and refers to the process of becoming more spiritually attuned.

It has become popular over the past few decades to master the art of meditation, vibrate at a higher frequency, and hopefully "achieve enlightenment" along the way.  But putting all the fluff aside, becoming more spiritually aware cannot be something you are interested in just because you hear about it in yoga class or read about it on social media and want to join in the latest "new age fad."

Awakening to a higher vibrational level (also called Kundalini awakening) is NOT a fad. NOR is it fun! Quite the contrary, it is something that will most likely become a need or longing when your current lifestyle is hindering you from achieving progress in your karmic fulfillment.  This can be a conscious or subconscious need or realization, and can also be brought on by an awakening event (death, divorce, physical or mental struggle etc) that is life altering in some way.
Sometimes referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul, a life changing event makes you question your existence, and even the existence of a Divine Being, and you will feel cut off from all the things you once held sacred and believed in.
Again, Spiritual awakening isn't usually a fun process and definitely not easy!  If it is, or is sought for egotistical reasons then you are actually on the wrong path and may be subscribing to inappropriate or inauthentic methods or ideas. 
Awakening can be a very confusing and even traumatic time because it entails so much change in the way we have formerly perceived the world, and our own personal reality.  You are actually undergoing an intense sanctification and purifying process that will ultimately leave you stronger and more level headed than ever before, a rebirth and refinement of your mind, body and spirit. This is challenging, to say the least!
Whether you have already begun your journey, or if you are just beginning to feel a difference in your desires as a physical being, below are some of the more common sensations and emotions you may possibly experience.  Don't ever rush things and don't expect everything to be by the book.  As with everything else in life, this is a very personal journey and one which only YOU can navigate!  Usually the more in tune, knowledgeable and aware you become the more you will be able to recognize your own symptoms and hopefully you will not become overwhelmed or afraid.
PLEASE NOTE: I am not a medical professional. Please use your own common sense and intuition when judging your own symptoms and seek medical attention if you feel the need.
~Physical aches and pains are extremely common and there is even a term for this: Vibrational flu. It can manifest as head, neck, shoulder or other pains. Again, please seek medical attention if in doubt, especially with the current pandemic we are experienceing. If you get a clean bill of health rest assured that this is only temporary, and may even come and go for a period of time.
~Feeling activity at the crown of your head (Crown Chakra) such as tingling in the scalp, or a sense of vibration at the top of the head.  This is caused of course by the opening of the Crown Chakra which is your center of spritual truth.  
~Life changing events can happen during or usually preceeding a spiritual awakening. Divorce, death, change in job status, illness (mental or physical) and sometimes several of these situations at once can cause you to enter the Dark Night of the Soul (see my post on Shadow Self) thus bringing on a reevaluation of life.  But these changes can also be a RESULT OF a spiritual awakening such as realization that a certain situation or person no longer fits your needs. This can of course be very painful but in the end it leads you to a greater, even unexpected benefit!
~A need for solitude, even if you are extroverted can be a sign that things are changing, and you should pay attention to this need. Spending time alone, in reflection (soul searching) can be extremely important in this journey. This is your time to reconnect with your inner being and find out what it is you truly need and want. Because of the fact that you actually ARE becomming a new and very different person you should spend this time becoming reaquainted with yourself. Most of us loose touch with who we are during our lives and become what our engrained paradigms and society dictate we should be. This is not being our authentic selves and causes spiritual oppression. Solitude will give you time to reevaluate and redirect.
~Your interests in entertainment will change. You may start to find the news, politics, gaming, excessive social media or going out for drinks is not fulfilling anymore and you start participating in more truth seeking, spiritual or new age subjects.
~ Sudden waves of emotion are very common during this time. Feeling overwhelmed, restless, sad, or angry for no apparant reason, then happy or even elated can be confusing.  It can seem like you are on an emotional roller coaster and you may really suffer, and even start to wonder about your mental status.  Try to accept your feelings and work through them. Don't be hard on yourself, but if you are really suffering ask your higher power to release your past and attatched blockages that are holding you back. (See my post on Shadow Self).  These are called completion issues, and it is imperitive that you let go in order to progress and move forward in this process.  Whether it be people, places, grief, resentments, addictions, you MUST let go.  Work on resentments and try forgiving others, or yourself if neccessary. Try some heart chakra meditations to balance this energy center. Not letting go of past grievences will manifest as blockages in your energy fields and cause ongoing issues if not met head on and resolved.
~Changes in eating habits, including eating more, less, OR you may find yourself not interested in the same foods as you used to be.  You may crave healthier varieties and no longer be able to tolerate processed foods, meats or heavier meals.  Listen to your body! Letting go of other bad habits such as smoking and/or substances will come naturally!
~Sleep patterns can change, which is actually one of the more common symptoms.  You may feel the need for more or less sleep. Or you may experience waking up throughout the night after 2-3 hour, stay awake awhile then go back to sleep. This is called the Triad Sleep Pattern.
~You will probably notice an amplification in your senses including sight, hearing, smell and touch. Seeing things in your periferal vision, or sparks of light in the air is common, as is seeing auras around people and animals, especially when in low light. Ringing in the ears, frequency shifts and other sensations will become noticeable. (As always, use intuition and common sense if it becomes a concern, and seek professional advice to be sure it is not a medical issue.)
~Vivid dreams, including lucid dreaming. Please pay attention to what messages may be coming through at these times. Even if it seems like an "anxiety dream," this can be telling you what issues (shadow work) you need to address and work through! Very important!
~Feeling more authentic in your sense of self. You are no longer a "people pleaser," you want to speak your truth (throat chakra opening!) and stand up for what you believe in. This can include changings of old paradigms like religious or other beliefs that never really resonated with you.  You will learn healthy boundaries for yourself and others and wont fear judgement. This is an evolution in SELF! Embrace it and see it as a new beginning, and a time to reinvent yourself, and become who you really are.
~Another very common feeling and occurance is a longing for a sense of purpose or meaning in your life.  You may feel restless and bored with people, places and things that were once acceptable, but that no longer resonate with you. You long to be with more like minded people, or a career that allows you to express who you truly are. You start gaining perspective that you never had before, which is exciting and will only lead to more desire to seek knowledge about why you are actually here, and what your journey is all about.
~You will come to understand that YOUR PAST HAS FORMED YOU. The hard times, even excrutiating ones have not been in vain, but rather taught you valuable life lessons that have only stregthened your being, and perhaps even progressed your karmic fulfillment or cycle. You will actually feel thankful for these lessons rather than harboring resentment and self loathing. You will begin to see the whole picture, AND develop understanding and acceptance!
~Synchronicities will start showing up very regularly to guide you. Remember you MUST pay attention to things like repeating number sequences (See my post on this subject), feathers, coins, and other signs from the Universe that you are on the right track. These are blessings, and you should let them guide you. You must be aware and accepting of them and always thank the spirit guides who are sending them. Most of all, don't be afraid!
As with all life experiences we all are different and unique, so our journeys are no different. Nothing will nor should it be "by the book." So once again I will say, please listen to and follow your own intuition. 

We all have an inner knowledge that can be tapped into and used as a personal guide, you simply must quiet your mind to FIND it. However, if so desired you may consider finding an energy medicine practicioner to help validate, guide and advise with what you are experiencing. Keep an open and positive mind and outlook, don't be afraid, and be persistent in your endeavors. Most of all, embrace this extraordinary experience knowing that if you ARE experiencing it you are very special!  This fact in itself means you have the ability to become a more enlightened being and to SPREAD your LIGHT to this physical existence. Rest assured that you are headed in the right direction and it will be well worth the journey!

 ~Sandra-Elizabeth Hood
Owner Indigo Dove Metaphysical Shop llc, 
Certified Reiki Practicioner and Crystal Medicine Therapist
Please consider sharing your exeperiences to help others navigate this extraordinary process! Thank you for your interest!


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Seipati! As I stated in my blog, the fact that you are drawn to Reiki and feel that you are somehow different is a wonderful and inspiring indication that you are a healer and are on the right track! I urge you to keep moving forward in such a positive direction and remember to keep listening to your intuition! Be blessed and thank you again for sharing! :) Sandra

Sandra-Elizabeth Hood, Owner Indigo Dove Metaphysical Shop llc

I have started my spiritual journey. I am a certified Reiki Practitioner, but sometimes I doubt myself, I know that there is something special about me, I can feel it, I see messages and sometimes are difficult to interpret, I believe that I chose the right path, and after reading your blog, I am more confident of who I am and the path I took. Thank you very much.

Seipati Nyamana

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