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Soul Loss and Retrieval

What exactly does the term soul loss mean? Can a soul really be lost, or absent from the physical body?  No, not in the literal sense.

Perhaps the phrase "fragmentation of the soul" is more appropriate when describing what happens to us when certain life events such as physical or emotional trauma cause parts of our psyche to dissociate and become disconnected from source.  This is actually a form of self defense on a psychological level, but nonetheless, it does do harm to our spiritual growth in the long run. 

"Soul loss is regarded as the most serious diagnosis and the single greatest cause of premature death and serious illness by the traditionals, and it's not even mentioned in our Western medical textbooks." ~Deepok Chopra

Once the imbalance within the psyche happens, the individual parts of the personality (Psychologist Carl Jung refers to this part as the Shadow Self) are allowed to escape the control of the conscious mind.  This can cause a reduction in the intensity of the energy that is our consciousness, or soul, leading to depression, anxiety and a feeling of disconnect.

Unfortunately, these feelings of discord can lead to many forms of dis-ease in the physical as well as mental body. Addictions, eating disorders, low self esteem and other self sabatoging actions can further the cycle of distancing you from SELF.

Here are some common causes of soul loss, and in turn the cause of core wounds later in life:

~Physical, mental, sexual or emotional abuse.

~Prolonged grief, fear or any other type of emotional pain you feel unable to escape

~Addiction of any kind

~Death of a loved one

~Prolonged trauma, such as war

~Chronic or long term illness of yourself or a loved one (mental or physical)

~A shocking event, such as an accident, assault or witnessing it first hand

~Any life changing event which was extremely hard to deal with emotionally, physically or mentally including divorce, loosing a job, financial loss, homelessness, or relocation.

Why does the soul fragment, or dissociate?  As mentioned above, it is actually a benefit when the trauma is happening.  Just as you become unconscious during intolerable physical pain, your subconsious automatically switches to survival mode to protect you from feeling the pain full force during traumatic events or prolonged situtions. Your psyche then will disperse and if we do not properly address and retrieve the pieces, then face the lingering effects of the trauma we will never heal. This leads to all types of blockages in our essence, which in turn will inevitably show up sooner or later as physical or mental and emotional issues.

So, can the wounded spirit be retrieved and PROPERLY "put back together" in a manner that helps rather than hinders us? Absolutely. Is it! But it IS possible.

Soul Retrieval can be accomplished by becoming aware of exactly what our wounds are and where they originated. Most of us KNOW the answer to our inner most issues, and consequently know the solutions as well. It is harder to actually confront them enough to solve them, however, because they are so deeply rooted in our subconcious that they become guarded by our own defense mechanisms.

AWARENESS is the first step in this process. You must look deep within yourself, with unabashed honesty, to confront what is holding you back from living a happy and fulfilling life.

SYMPTOMS of Soul Loss may include, but are not limited to:

~Long periods of depression

~Periods of missing time and/or memories from your past

~"Building walls" that don't allow others in, or to avoid intimate relationships (Friendship or romantic) for fear of being vulnerable or hurt

~A persistent feeling of dissatisfaction or boredom with your life. Not being able to find a personal purpose

~Constant feelings of fear and anxiety unrelated to daily life

~Escapism of any kind, including excessive gaming, social media, shopping, drugs, alcohol etc

~Feelings that a certain remembered event "changed you"

~Emotional numbness

~Feelings of low self worth, shame, or feeling unloveable or inadequate

HOW DO YOU RECONNECT WITH YOUR SOUL is the next question. And yes, as stated above, it IS possible. 

There are many forms of Inner Work, which can lead to a safe avenue of reconnection. But first it should be noted that if you ever feel overwhelmed, or are in a weakened emotional state such as grief, severe depression or any other condition where you feel unable to preceed with this work safely you must first seek the help of a professional. Preferably a shaman or other spiritual/energy medicine healer. 

Ways to accomplish HEALING:

~Inner child work

~Shadow Work

~Mirror work

~Meditation and Mindfulness

~Art Therapy


~Yoga Therapy

~A combination of any of the above


We must always listen to our own intuition and do what resonates with us. Please always remember that this kind of work takes dedication and patience, but IS achievable even in the worst case scenario so don't despair, and don't give up!  No matter how challenging the journey, the sense of peace, freedom and empowerment you will feel in the end will be worth the effort, tenfold!

If you have had any experience with this subject, please consider sharing in the comments below so it can help someone else on their journey. Thank you for your interest! 

Be Blessed, stay well and remember to BE KIND~ Sandra-Elizabeth Hood, Owner Indigo Dove Metaphysical Shop, Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist, Certified Reiki Practitioner

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