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Utilizing the Power of the Moon's Phases



Many people are aware of using the ancient ritual of manefesting with the moons phases.  The New Moon and Full Moon seem to be the most popular for these practices but you can actually invoke the power of each four main phases to create your own sacred rituals. 

Before you start using the moons powerful energy to the advantage of your rituals you should be sure you have an accurate 29.5 day moon phase calendar so you can prepare to send the Universe CLEAR thoughts as to what outcome you desire. You should then set your intentions within 48 hours of the beginning of each phase in order to fully harness it's pure power. If you are cleansing or charging crystals, put them out in the moonlight and leave them all night, and into the day, if so desired so they can absorb the power of both the moon AND sunlight (feminine and masculine energy).  If you do choose to leave your stones in the sunlight remember that certain ones such as amethyst, citrine, celestine, turquoise, fluorite, rose quartz, and topaz can fade in sunlight.

As with all practices, your moon rituals will be a very personal choice so use your intuition and whatever feels right to bring the best results. Here are the four MAIN moon phases in each 29 day cycle:

NEW MOON:  Even though the new moon is not visible it still carries powerful energy for new beginnings.  You can set your crystals out to soak up this energy then use them for setting new goals or manifesting other beneficial change.  Use the time of the new moon to reflect on what you truly desire to call into your life and how you can make improvements in order to best facilitate this. 

One way to make use of the sacred energy of the New Moon is to make moon water. This is a very simple process that includes placing approximately 3-4 cups of drinkable water in a glass container that will allow light to penetrate. Take a moment to meditate or simply state (out loud) your full, detailed intention.  Placing it outside in the moonlight is the best, but you may also put it in a windowsill as long as it will be in the light. You only need to leave it there a few hours, as long as the sunlight doesn't reach it. Afterwards, store in a cool, preferably dark place.  Use this magically transformed water for anything you like, including annointments, rituals, to clean with or add to your bath! You can even put it in a spray bottle to clear your sacred space, but be sure to always remember the intentions you set when you prepared it and thank the moon respectfully whenever using. This will imbue your spirit with a conscious and continuous reminder of your goals with each use.

FIRST QUARTER/WAXING MOON:  This can be a time of reflection on your inner self and what you would truly like to change for the better.  The moon will be half illuminated and half dark as if it is gaining power!  You can use this time to do the same, so that the next phase will have more impact on your wishes. It is a great time for setting long term goals and attracting positive energy or romantic relationships. Focus also on anything that could benefit family, friends or career.  If these reflections and wishes are only for your higher good you can rest assured your waiting and self assessment will be well worth it. 

This phase of the moon is an ideal time for making moon gem elixir!  It is another simple process to keep the "moon power" alive and with you for daily use all throughout the month.  You should first realize what you are trying to accomplish so that you can choose the appropriate crystals. This will be a personal choice but remember NOT to use crystals from the mica family or ones that can fragment or fade.  You can do a quick Google search to make sure you have a complete list of these, but a few to avoid are lapis lazuli, fluorite, calcite, labradorite, malachite selenite or halite. As a rule of thumb, most stones that end in 'ite' should not be used.  (Also note, Amethyst, celestine, citrine, fluorite rose quartz topaz and turquoise can fade in sunlight).  Instructions for a moon elixir include simply placing the chosen crystals in drinking water, in a glass container and putting it in the moonlight for several hours.  You can use this water for any purpose you like as it has transformed the crystal properties into a healing elixir.   

FULL MOON:  The Full Moon is very powerful in it's magnetism and effects on the planet and on our physical as well as spiritual bodies.  It is an ideal time to connect with the Universe and your own higher self.  Therefore now is the time of full manifesting! Use this strongest phase and it's accompanied energy to make your goals become reality! The moon is fully illuminated  which represents the CULMINATION of each step you took in preparation.  Your emotional energy has peaked also which is another benefit, and will add to the power of implementation!

A wonderful ritual to perform during this time is to burn a white candle while you meditate on exactly what is your higher goods interest and intent.  Write this on a small piece of paper and place it under the candle and continue with meditating until you feel the time is right to extinguish the candle.  Use your intuition as to how to continue,  but a good place to put the piece of paper is under your pillow (or any sacred  space you desire) until the next moon phase, or anytime you feel the need. Remember,  these are only general suggestions and I always encourage everyone to do EXACTLY what resonates with you. I feel that is the best way to see personal results. 

LAST QUARTER/WANING: A time of release and moving forward.  You have gone through the full process of asking the Universe,  setting intentions,  reflection and full empowerment.  Now you must let go and look FORWARD at what your goals are. If you have charged  your crystals it is now time to put them to good use! If you used this time for your best good you will soon reap the benefits. 

Just remember that the Universe doesn't work at OUR pace but at it's own!   Part of the whole process is BELIEVING in your actions and intentions which in itself sends the true message that you desire to be heard.  When intentions are set with our own best good at heart the Universe responds, it just may not be in the time or way we expect. Being patient and persistent is part of this process and will contribute to the end result of what is best for you! 

Please share any ideas or comments about your own special moon rituals.  

 ~ Sandra-Elizabeth Hood, Owner  Indigo Dove Metaphysical Shop llc, Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Medicine Therapist




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