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Life's Journey: Discovering Your Own Path

Everyone's life journey is different and unique.


What we all share however, is the need for discovering our purpose or meaning in life.  We are all spiritual beings first and foremost, which instinctively brings about a longing for fulfillment in our lives. The lack of this fulfillment can lead to various types of discord and imbalances within ourselves.

It is my true belief that WE ALL possess the inner knowledge that leads to a greater understanding of self.  With this knowledge comes the ability to shed any negative thought patterns, old habits and undesireable behaviors.  These paradigms are usually developed or introduced to us early in life and can be terribly difficult and even uncomfortable to change.  We usually tend not to question our beliefs until our lives become tough or even unbearable due to reoccurring, unhealthy patterns.

We all must learn to view our lives objectively and realize that ALL past experiences, whether good, bad, or downright excrutiating, are in fact learning  experiences.  Usually the most painful times of our lives carry the most valuable lessons IF we have the mindfulness to acknowledge and accept the lesson.  "Everything happens for a reason" IF you choose to LEARN and GROW from it.  We all are faced with adversity in life, it is how we choose to react to it that counts.  We can become victims, OR we can CHOOSE to be victors!

Any one of us has the ability to overcome adversity IF we so desire. We can REDIRECT our lives at any time by manifesting change!  Desire is the key to positive changes that improve the quality and purpose of our lives. But this doesn't mean you can let the ego interfere!  Remember that the Universe is not a genie waiting to grant your every wish, it just doesn't work that way.

However, naturally if you think positive thought's it will shape your reality into something more desirable.  This is the first step in manifesting a change for the better of ourselves and others.  Becoming a catalyst in our earthly existence to help and enlighten others is our obligation as fellow humans, so that we may contribute to the "shift" that is occurring in our mother Earth and will continue to effect our realities as a whole.

You don't have to "stay positive," and stress over attracting "bad karma" if you don't. These are all misconceptions about how manifestation or Law of Attraction works.  We are still human, even if we are living in awareness and fortifying our spiritual selves. Therefore, it is impossible to force yourself to "be happy" in order to attract happiness. What we can do however is be MINDFUL,  and concentrate on living in the moment instead of thinking, "only if."  

The key is a balance between objectivity and optimism. Use intuition to discern your own potential and what will serve you the best in your life. Because we all KNOW as spiritual beings what truth we seek. Just quiet your mind...and listen!


Have you redirected your life's path by manifesting positive change?  If so, please leave a comment below!   

~Sandra-Elizabeth Hood, Owner Indigo Dove Metaphysical Shop llc, Certified Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Medicine Therapist 

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