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Staying Grounded During a Crisis

The world is not ending. But I am amazed at how many statements to the contrary I have read on social networks as of late.  Yes, these are very trying times, and things may seem bleak. However in every time of adversity we can all face it with integrity and fortitude.  We can choose 

to spread hope instead of fostering fear and negativity.

 The law of attraction is a UNIVERSAL one that is often made to seem much more complex than it actually is.  Very simply put, our thoughts affect our reality.  Like attracts like so whatever you are concentrating your energy and thoughts on will appear in your life.  If you are living in fear (which is almost impossible not to do in these unsettling times), you will indefinitely maintain these undesireable emotions in your existence.

However, it IS possible to focus our energy on the POSITIVE instead, therefore manifesting more desirable outcomes.  As stated above, when we repeatedly hear, read or contribute to negative affirmations it automatically attracts feelings of discord and hopelessness.  So instead we must be disciplined in our thoughts and realize that we CAN be in control of our reality. It is imperative that you stay grounded during the global pandemic so that your fears and anxiety don't take over. 

By using the following concepts to stay grounded during this very stressful time you will attract more positive energies into your life which will help balance the volatile ones.

  • Don't be a "follower."  Lead your OWN life, stand in your OWN truth not someone elses.  Don't do things just because you think you have to or are scared of what others will think of you.  People pleasers end up lost to others beliefs, which  leads you on the wrong path to your OWN destiny.  It will also lead to feelings of insecurity and low self esteem.  This will hinder manifestation for YOUR dreams. (It also leads to a blocked Throat Chakra!).
  • Live in the present.  Let go of things that hold you back or are connected to old paradigms that don't serve you anymore. This may seem hard to do, but becoming AWARE of these troublesome thought patterns is the first step in letting go and moving  forward.  As for the current situation of the global pandemic, living in the present and NOT imagining a "worst case scenario" is very important.  It will only benefit you and the ones around you thus shaping your own reality into something beneficial for manifesting hope and reassurance.
  • VISUALIZE a desirable outcome.  Make very detailed plans for the future (when things get back to normal) and act like it is happening in the present.  Think it, speak it, LIVE it!
  • Be aware of your thoughts and actions ALWAYS, but especially in the current situation when there is a lot of misinformation being passed around.  If you are on social media, and even in your daily interactions, do NOT contribute to controversial discussions, drama and negative ideas.  REMEMBER, like attracts like!  If you contribute to it, you attract it!  Instead, be an example of integrity and TRUTH.  This shapes your reality in a positive way and projects hope instead of anxiety and fear into the Universe.
  • Surround yourself with like minded people.  You will always encounter people who are not pleasant to be around and who will ultimately bring you down.  But we have choices in life and this allows you to make decisions about who you want to associate with.  It is especially important in this volitile time to distance yourself from individuals who catastrophize things and thrive on drama and discord because once again, this will only project BAD energy which in turn will hinder manifestation.
  • Show gratitude.  This doesn't simply mean being grateful but it also means LIVING that attitude.  Think of what you DO have (shelter, food, safety, family or whatever it may be) instead of what is TEMPORARILY lacking right now.  Try keeping a gratitude journal, or making notes to keep around your home as reminders.
  • Use positive affirmation such as "this too shall pass."  or "I am safe."  If something is worrying you, use a reassuring thought instead to contradict the insecure feelings. Everyone's anxieties are different but they can be debilitating if left unchecked.  Try using a "thought board" in your kitchen or bedroom and writing these affirmations on it so you see them often.  This will reiterate how important positive affirmations are to your well-being.
  • Keep doing what makes you happy.  Now is the perfect opportunity to take more "me time" to focus on yourself and your goals.  Try reinventing yourself by concentrating on new ideas and attitudes.  Do some soul searching and think about who and what you want to be.  Make sure this reflects what you want to present to the world, not for anyone else but yourself.  This involves self-love and self assurance which is one of the first steps in manifesting happiness in your personal life, and staying grounded.  Staying self assured also makes you feel more in control of your surroundings and the situation in general which quells anxiety when things are chaotic.
  • Consider finding new ways to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit.  It is very easy to develop unhealthy habits during especially stressful times. Become mindful of how you relieve stress and try not to succumb to unhealthy habits such as excessive social media, binge watching tv or consuming junk food or alcohol.  Just because things aren't the way you are used to them being at the present moment doesn't mean they will always be this way so keep finding new and healthy things that bring you joy and help you stay positive. And most  importantly continue to work towards MANIFESTING your goals!



    I personally choose to believe that when the current global crisis is resolved it will prove to be a "wake up call" to society.  We will all be more grateful for the small things we once took for granted.  We as a whole needed to slow down and take some time to put things in perspective.  Our fast paced, technology driven lives has resulted in a depersonalized culture that lacks a feeling of fellowship and community.  Sometimes it takes a catastrophic event to make us prioritize and awaken. 

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    Stay safe and well!!

    Be kind, Co-Exist, ~Sandra

    Please share any ideas related to staying positive in trying times. Thank you!


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