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Keeping Your Root Chakra Balanced During a Crisis

THE ROOT CHAKRA is responsible for GROUNDING, a very important characteristic in times of adversity.  GROUNDING means the ability to stay anchored and connected to the world, which ultimately allows you to stay in control of your emotional, spiritual and physical self.

The Root Chakra sits at the base of the spine and is also considered the first chakra.  It is the foundation that all other chakras build on, therefore if it is unbalanced or blocked it will be more difficult to align the other six chakras.  The vital life force of the Root Chakra comes into being at conception as the spinal column begins to develop from the bottom (root) then moves up through the crown.

Why is the root chakra so important to keep balanced during times of crisis?  Let's look at what this chakra represents.

THE ROOT CHAKRA or Muladhara is the chakra of security, stability, survival instinct and all of our other basic needs (food, water, shelter, safety), as well as spiritual and emotional interconnection (integrity, self esteem, and a sense of belonging). It is what initiates feelings of being grounded in life.
  So it becomes obvious that when we feel like our place in this world is being threatened by uncertainty the pandemic is causing, our root chakra can become unbalanced or blocked.  This will lead to more fear, anxiety, depression, worry and panic.  We could loose our ability to reason, start to feel threatened, experience anger and pessimism, and our survival instinct could become compromised.
However, if our root chakra is balanced we will benefit greatly, especially now when our emotions are challenged.  We will have more control of our feelings of safety, survival and self preservation.  We can think more objectively about the situation at hand and make more rational decisions instead of being influenced by outside stimuli or others opinions.

How do you maintain, or balance this all important chakra?  Since we are spending more time at home as of late, we can use the pause in routine to work on bringing it to, and/or keeping it in alignment and make the BEST of an unfortunate situation. 

  •  Root Chakra MEDITATION with Mudra  Chakra meditation is quite like regular meditation with a focus on the specific area you are aligning. A Root Chakra meditation can be facillitated by relaxing in a quiet place.  Sit with your spine erect, preferably seated on the ground, outside would be optimal so you are making contact with Mother Earth. Since the Root Chakras elemental color is red, imagine the base of your spine and pelvic area bathed in a warm red glow.  Let the glow expand until you feel a comforting warmth and rest with that for 3-5 minutes.  You can also use the root chakra mudra pictured below while you meditate, OR at any time, even when doing other tasks as it helps to rebalance your root and correlating physical areas. 
  • Wearing HEALING CRYSTAL jewelry, or carrying the crystals on your person, placing them in your sacred space.  Anyone who has worked with crystals realizes the power they emit.  If we choose to align ourselves with their energy we can greatly benefit in countless ways.  If you are working on the root chakra there are several specific crystals that will coincide with it to release blockages.
  • Using Root Chakra Affirmations.  Repeating positive affirmations throughout your day, especially when feeling mentally or physically fatigued can greatly benefit your feelings of security and stability. Try repeating any of the following, focusing your mind purely on the words you are repeating.  I am grounded and relaxed in the moment and through any problem that arises. All of my safety needs can and will be met. I am anchored to Mother Earth. The Universe will support and protect me. I am secure in my surroundings no matter what the circumstances. Feel free to add any other words that resonate with and comfort and inspire you.
  • EATING red foods, and wearing red clothing.  Red foods will always positively influence your root chakra as long as it is a healthy food. Protiens, root vegetables and red friuts and berries will not only help you physically to have more energy but will help regulate the energy of the root chakra.  Wearing red clothing along with the red crystals of carnelian will greatly increase feelings of fearlessness and help you to leave your comfort zone when faced with unknown circumstances of the pandemic.
  • Use Root chakra appropriate Essential Oils The sense of smell is a basic one and using aromatherapy can provide a sense of harmony and grounding.  Black Pepper, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Frankinsense, and Cedarwood are all very helpful in balancing or removing blockages.  Use them is diffusers, consider making your own annointing oil mixtures, or use in room sprays.  You may also simply open the bottles and sniff them in times of need.
  • INCORPORATE YOGA poses such as Tadasana (Mountain Pose), and Virabhadrasana1 (Warrior 1) to your yoga practice These poses initiate a downward flow of energy which will aid in confidence and a sense of security.
  • Chanting or music sounds can balance the Root Chakra These sounds are called mantras and can be either spoken by you, or you can find recordings of them in your preferred media.  There are even recordings you can play while sleeping to help facilitate the removal of blockages in the root chakra.

 Remember friends, that in each trial in life there are MANY lessons to be learned, and strength to be gained.  Choose to learn and grow from the unfortunate state our Mother Earth has come to while looking ahead to what benefits this could bring the world.  Perhaps this is a "wake up call' to us all which will in turn contribute to the bigger shift of enlightenment.  

What have you been doing to stay positive and grounded during the pandemic?  Please share in the comments section below. 

Please stay confident and safe, and remember to BE KIND.  Love and peace~Sandra






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