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Honoring Beltane Within Your Sacred Space



Because Beltane celebrates a time of transition, it can help us to set positive intentions and celebrate personal landmark achievements and occasions.  Utilizing symbolic elements in our sacred spaces helps us to honor the change of seasons in whatever way resonates with us the most.

Beltane literally means "Bright Fire," and is a Wheel of the Year seasonal festival that is traditionally held from the evening of April 30th through May 1st.  It marks the midway between spring equinox and the summer solstice and is traditionally celebrated with dancing, picking flowers and the burning of bonfires. The bonfires represent the sun, and the lengthening of the days that bring fertility to the land.  

The maiden goddess (May Bride, May Queen, Flora Goddess of Spring) unites with the Young Oak King (Jack in the Green, Green Man) which signifies the coming together of male and female, another celebration of fertility.

There are many ways to personally honor Beltane in our own sacred spaces whether that be your home, garden or work place.

Spend time in your garden, day or night, dressed for a "marriage" of the elements.  Wear flowers, bright spring colors, essential oil elixirs, and jewelry honoring the goddess and king.  If possible, light your own bonfire, or a small cauldron and use spring casting herbs to celebrate.  Plant any kind of flowers that resonate with you, including daffodil bulbs, daisies and cosmos.

Dress a tree or bush, preferably birch or hawthorn with ribbons or other meaningful items such as painted/dyed egg shells and wildflowers.  These are traditionally called Fairy or Wishing Trees, or a May Bush.  Be sensible with your "offerings" on the tree.  Use only biodegradable cloth for ribbons, and non toxic paint or dye for eggshells and always remember to remove everything when you are finished enjoying it.

At your work place you may drink teas made from fresh herbs and bless the space by using clearing sprays or burning a candle.  

Dress your altar with greenery, flowers and respectfully cut branches of birch, hawthorn or rowan. Use any crystals that you desire to decorate with.  Burn incense or introduce a candle into your home or add to your altar.





How do you celebrate Beltane?  Leave your comments below!


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