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Goddess is Not a Title



 Goddess is not a title. 

Nor is it an entitlement. This means that unleashing the Goddess Energy within yourself should not be used for anything but good intentions. 

Let's face it, society puts a lot of pressure on women to be a certain way, and we are taught from a very young age what is expected of us. Society dictates what is "acceptable" in our dress, our looks, and even our behavior.  As females it is taken for granted that we should aspire to become wives, mothers, homemakers, caregivers, nurturers, mentors (just to name a few) and look great and be passive while we do it.  So it's no wonder that we sometimes fail to fully understand that expression of our divine feminine is in fact a form of self love and respect and is in no way selfish.

Goddess is also NOT a term to be used in an egotistical way to express superiority over others, quite the contrary, Goddess energy translates into nurturing, empowerment and support of all beings, including other women. Its about bringing balance and unity to all.

So, what exactly does the term Goddess Energy and/or Divine Feminine mean? I suppose it depends on who you ask! My interpretation is just that, MINE. And of course that could be different from yours. But I believe we can all learn from other's perspective. Which is just another way in which I personally assert my Goddess Energy, by attempting to help others and initiate unity, empowerment and co-existence between me and my fellow Goddesses!

I used to be a people pleaser! In spite of being independent and a nonconformist (it was called being rebellious back then!) from a very young age, I still had a hard time setting personal boundaries, and abiding by other people's boundaries.  This led to many unpleasant and unfulfilling lifestyle choices and situations. I got married at a young age, against my better judgment and tried to fit into the "domestic lifestyle" by working a 9-5 job, trying to be the perfect wife and daughter in-law and struggling to fit in with this new extremely mainstream family . My free spirit nature disagreed with this lifestyle and I ended up feeling very oppressed and confused spiritually.  I was living an inauthentic life. 

Fast forward to the present. After 18+ years of living single, I have,  through much turmoil, struggle and soul searching found my Divine Feminine Power which has allowed me to set and stick to healthy personal boundaries, aquire self love, worth and respect. I am no longer a people pleaser! However, I have learned to speak my truth in a loving and compassionate way, and stand by it, to not fear judgment or criticism and to learn from my mistakes. I have done this while also working on my ability to love and honor the divine feminine spirit in everyone without being jealous,  condescending or rude. I truly believe that all women should love, support and inspire eachother instead of being in constant conflict and competition. 

What Goddess Energy expression means on my personal journey:

Being AUTHENTIC enough to confidently speak your truth. But first, you must recognize it, respect it and feel comfortable in what it is you believe in. Don't fear judgment but instead, radiate self assurance and confidence without acting superior or self righteous. Being authentic in yourself is the key here, and will earn respect from others and feel empowering to you, which aids in raising self esteem and self worth. Sometimes speaking your truth and embracing self expression will require balancing the Throat Chakra, which is our center of speech and self expression. If you have been oppressed throughout your life and made to feel like your opinions are unimportant  you could suffer from blockages in this area. Learn ways of balancing,  such as meditation, using healing crystals or visualization.  Anything that resonates with you will be your best option for this.

Do NOT under any circumstances step on other women to prove your own power! This goes against everything your divine essence stands for and is extremely hypocritical and counterproductive. As females,  our job to Mother Earth is to bring healing, understanding and unity into being. We should promote a tribal environment of working together, not seperate in our efforts. Remember,  we are all on the same team rather than opposing ones. Empowering others empowers you!

Realize that self-love is not selfish! It is absolutely imperative that you love, respect and understand your own being; mind, body and soul, unconditionally before you can love others in a healthy way! Self love of course does not translate into conceit or pomposity. It is instead an actual humbling of ego and lifestyle.  Learning to practice sincere gratitude on a daily basis will insure that you don't become overly confident and aloof. It cannot be stressed enough that taking care of yourself with diet, exercise, healthy habits, and pampering is not in any way a selfish act! It is the best place to begin in learning to explore and express your own divine goddess femininity. If your Heart Chakra has become blocked for any reason it will hinder this act of practicing unconditional love for yourself and others. Using the power of Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine are wonderful ways to balance this center of Love.

The ability to give of yourself and help others is a key component in Goddess Energy. We are at a huge crossroads on our planet! With the current state of things there is a call to action by the Universe itself to those who will listen. Our inherent nurturing abilities are needed on all levels. This doesn't mean you have to work on the front line or even leave your house! There are all types of ways to spread love, good intent and healing energies and it only takes a small act of kindness to accomplish this. Social media is a perfect example of one of these ways, and being positive on your social  networks instead of perpetuating fear and anxiety during these trying times will set an example for others to follow. Also realize that being caring and nurturing does not mean constantly and consistently putting others needs before yours. Here is where self-love continues to rule. Think balance! 

One final and very important point I would like to address is the ability to confidently have (and rock!) your own personal style.  Yes, we all like to follow current fashion trends, hairstyles and colors and that's fine for inspiration.  But always remember to be yourself and most importantly to express your individuality! There's only one you, and you aren't meant to look and act like everyone else, how boring! Explore what makes you different or stand out in a crowd and    cultivate your own extraordinary uniqueness. Make a conscious effort each day to be the best you can be and project to the world what makes you YOU. This in itself is yet another form of self awareness, self-love, and empowerment! Not to mention it will make you an unforgettable, feminine  power source to those you come in contact with. You'd be surprised how much it lifts your energy vibration to be the best version of YOUR-self! 

There are many other ways of expressing and unleashing Divine/Goddess Energy that are unique to us as individuals.  Please consider sharing yours so as to help spread unity and support to fellow AND future Goddesses!

Sincere love and empowerment to you!

~Sandra-Elizabeth Hood,

Owner Indigo Dove Metaphysical Shop llc,  Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist and Reiki Practitioner 



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