Crystals to Help Heal Trauma

Crystals to Help Heal Trauma

 Abuse comes in many forms and the trauma it causes can last a lifetime if not properly dealt with.  There are many ways to heal from trauma, including working with crystals and stones to help us look deeper into the areas that become affected by it.

Please be aware that if you have suffered abuse in any form you must consult a professional and trusted mental health expert such as a licensed counselor, therapist or physician. It can be very dangerous and detrimental to your emotional health if you attempt to confront emotions yourself, or in an unsafe environment.

I am not a mental healthcare professional, but am a former victim of prolonged emotional abuse myself, so the opinions I am expressing are simply that, opinions, and ideas from a survivors perspective that can hopefully be of support and an additional aid in dealing with the after effects of abuse and the traumatic effect it can have. 

In todays society abuse runs rampant. This includes but is not limited to: Personal relationship abuse such as verbal, sexual, emotional or physical. Childhood abuse can consist of the same. There is also abuse of the elderly in nursing homes, abuse by clergy or other authority figures, abuse in the work place, and even narccissitic abuse by a parent, sibling, an adult child or a spouse that can continue indefinitely. But no matter what the form, or by whom, always remember that it is unacceptable behavior, and should never, ever be tolerated. And also remember that your feelings ARE valid, and if you are hurting or suffering from the effects you should realize only YOU can work through these feelings on a deeper level but please consider getting a professional to help!


Crystals and gemstones have an incredible ability to heal. They are one of the most beautiful tools from the earth and people of all cultures have been using them for centuries.
Crystals work as an alternative healing method for many reasons. They have powerful metaphysical properties, and the interesting formations, and beautiful colors that correspond to our chakras  become energy conduits. Because of how they naturally form within the earth, they contain many of the same elements that are within the human body, including a vibrational energy that is specific to each crystal, gemstone and mineral. This makes them perfect for healing our subtle energies.

Combining crystals with other forms of natural or alternative healing methods can bring a new dimension into balancing of your chakras, healing old emotional wounds and providing insight into your own life.

The best place to start is to familiarize yourself with the basics of crystal properties and the chakras. Then use your insight in determining what is out of balance in your own life.

Chakras Blocked By Abuse

Too many unresolved emotions and memories can become stored in the chakras and cause them to be blocked. Abuse is one of the most common reasons the 7 chakras can be blocked at once, or certain ones can become affected more than others, depending on the type and severity of abuse. These are only a few instances below:

Crown: We become depersonalized and do not want to return to our bodies during abuse. This can be  temporary, or become a recurring issue even long after the abuse ends. We can also become angry at our higher power or at life in general and feel a total disconnect with source, and ourselves.

Third Eye:  We sometimes can pick up on the feelings and thoughts of the abuser which will cause confusion and
severe blockages in this chakra.

Throat: Since this chakra deals with speaking our truth and having a voice in our lives, when we are told not to tell of abuse, or otherwise feel like it must be kept secret, it obviously will turn into a blocked area.

Heart: The heart chakra can become involved for many obvious reasons. It can be because our trust was broken, we felt betrayed by the abuser especially if it was someone we knew and trusted. But even if it was a stranger, it is still very painful to suffer at the hands of someone else.

Solar Plexus: The feelings of powerlessness associated with any kind of abuse is devastating. Having our personal boundaries forcibly violated  leaves us feeling victimized, powerless and extremely vulnerable which is what this chakra represents.

Sacral: If the abuse was sexual in nature it will usually affect this chakra, but sometimes it can affect the solar plexus more, and probably both. Feeling ashamed or having to hide the abuse can shut down sexual feelings and the ability to open yourself up to intimacy of any kind, not just sexual.

Root: Since this is our foundation in safety and survival, it is no wonder that abuse of any kind threatens these feeling. And depending on who the abuser is, such as parent, relative or other trusted figure, it can have a lasting effect on feelings of safety and will most likely result in anxiety issues later in life. Because your root chakra is the foundation of which the other chakras are "built on" if there are blockages here it can keep the rest of your chakras misaligned. You must always try to work these blocks out first.

These crystals can be placed on the Chakra points to help with healing:

Ruby Aura helps with survival issues and abuse.

Carnelian is used for any kind of abuse.

Morganite clears both conscious and unconscious negative programming.

Aquamarine removes the victim mentality and allows you to move on.

Rhodonite placed over the heart chakra helps to heal emotional wounds.

Green Jade calms nervous stress and brings about peace of mind and serenity.

Danburite clears karmic debris and is used for a curative for many issues

Clear Quartz is yet another master healer and brings freedom from worry and over thinking

Rose Quartz can help heal a broken heart from betrayal of trust, and bring about self love

Making a crystal elixir or any of the above and spritzing or drinking can also help. Or wearing any combination in a crystal pouch.

Effects of Trauma

  Shock or disbelief is usually the initial feeling after any type of abuse. This can have a lasting effect on our psyche and our energy system which results in a negative effect on our aura, or subtle energy field causing blockages. A traumatic event can include a one time occurrence, or a repeated or lasting situation that negatively overwhelms the psyche, causing one to be unable to cope with the events involved with that experience. Such things as sexual, physical or other forms of abuse can traumatize a person, and keeps the nervous system from functioning normally. This can cause the memory of the event to be held deep within us, and triggered by daily events and reminders until it is properly dealt with. 

The healing energies of certain crystals can be very soothing and calming to the traumatized psyche. They can be used in many different ways such as crystal grids, gemstone essences and elixirs. Or they can simply be kept close to us in our sacred spaces to help add a healing energy to our environment.

The same crystals used in healing from abuse can be used for trauma and shock, with the addition of the following:

Kyanite is used for more recent shock and trauma, and can be used to help you in recuperation. Keep it with you during the healing process and it will revitalize your energy.

Sodalite can help bring emotional balance if used in a crystal elixir oil massaged into the throat chakra, or as a gem essence spritzed around your aura or consumed under the tongue.

Rutilated Quartz will help revitalize the natural flow of Qi that was disrupted by trauma.

Turquoise is a multi-purpose stone when used in healing. It will repair "holes" created in the aura from trauma. It will soothe the Throat chakra, and brings a safe blue energy into a crystal grid.

Green Tourmaline works well with the Heart Chakra and clears lasting effects of trauma that can cause physical symptoms.

You can support your treatment by making a gem essence of any of the above (except Kyanite which will break off easily in water). Spray the essence around the aura or take 8-10 drops under the tongue, or massage a crystal elixir oil into the Heart and Throat Chakras.

As always, your comments are welcome!

Stay safe and well!  ~

Sandra Hood, Owner Indigo Dove Metaphysical Shop llc, Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Former Liscenced Esthitician


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