How to Use Crystal Grids

How to Use Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are a way of arranging crystals and stones in a pattern with a specific intention to manifest a desired outcome concerning health, happiness or prosperity goals.

Intention combined with shapes in a layout will transmute energy for a particular purpose. There are many ways to create grids and you should always use your intuition to choose one that resonates with you. The energy of the crystals, the pattern plus intent creates a very strong vortex of energy that causes the manifestation to be carried out. When placed in your sacred space the grids will open your own frequencies to the potential of change . This can bring about powerful healing, manifestation and the help you fulfill your intentions and goals.
As a society now living in the new norm, we are becoming more and more aware of how our home environment affects our wellbeing. Most people wish to create a sacred space in personal rooms which can have a variety of specific functions. A room can either be harmonious or disharmonious to our goals, and need to be consciously and energetically supported. This is where crystal grids will come into play.
Different types of personal rooms can include meditation spaces, office or work spaces, children's spaces, living rooms, and bedrooms. These spaces can be supported by a general vibe, and the crystals and grids placed in these rooms should convey this.
Meditation rooms should be soothing with an added emphasis on reaching a higher vibration of consciousness. Amethyst, Azurite, Moldavite, Angelite, Celestine, Selenite, and crystal points are wonderful for this space.
Bedrooms can be tricky to add crystals to because of the fact that we sleep here, and some crystals that are otherwise suited for relaxation can actually cause over stimulation when trying to sleep. Rose quartz, Herkimer diamond, lapis and azurite are usually safe but use your best judgement and how they make you feel before placing too close to your bed.
In a living room one may wish to place a grid that conveys harmony of a group with rose quartz, and crystal clusters.
In a work or office space crystals which provide grounding, shielding and harmony will help you be more productive and clear thinking. Crystal clusters, amethyst and black tourmaline are just a few suggestions.
Remember, there are no right or wrongs, as long as you choose the space and the crystalline grid to support the way your intuition guides you. Being familiar with the metaphysical properties of crystals and stones can be very helpful as you decide. Using a pendulum to help you choose specific stones in your grids can be very helpful as well.

Geometry is the blueprint of the Universe and is the basic pattern of all creation. Sacred geometry is a term used to describe the spiritual and philosophical beliefs around certain patterns. So when using sacred geometry patterns for your crystal grids, you are utilizing this power of the Universe. However, it is not necessary to use only sacred geometry and you can also use simple circles, or parallel lines or any other shape that has meaning to you.
Preparing a Crystal Grid:
Choose which crystals you will be using, including one crystal that is different from all the others to place in the middle of the grid with the others around it. This is the master crystal.
After choosing them, you must Program your crystals in the way that resonates with you. An example of this is to  hold them at heart level to convey the positive energy of your affirmation to the crystal. Take your time doing this step, as it is a very important part of directing your energy.
Take your master crystal (the one crystal that is different from the others) at heart level and ask the Universe to have the full power of it's energy to flow through you as you empower your stone to heal with only love, light and good intent.
For crystal healing a space such as a bedroom or living area, use a surface of wood, or natural weaved cotton fabric to create your grid in any room where energy flow is needed or where you need to prepare for a certain event or manifestation.
When you have chosen your crystals, programed them and chosen a grid and place, you begin laying the stones into your grid pattern. Place the master stone in the middle with all the others around it, then connect the stones with energy.
This consists of pointing either the master stone, a crystal point or crystal wand toward a central crystal holding it a few inches above the grid. When you feel the energy flow, begin moving the crystal up to the one at the top of the grid, drawing a line of energy, then diagonally to the crystal on the left, then back to the center one, then retrace the line you just drew, then move to the crystal on the left. Go back to the center and retrace the line you just drew. Continue around the grid in a pie cutting fashion, except that you are always retracing each line from the center out. State your intention as you trace, and when you feel you are finished, come back to the top crystal then move to the central one. Allow your energy and final intention to flow into this center crystal. To keep the grid active you need to retrace the lines and use the affirmation daily.
Do you find using crystal grids helpful in manifesting your goals? If so, please share your ideas in the comments below!

Love and light to all! Sandra Hood,  Owner Indigo Dove Metaphysical Shop,  Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist and Reiki Practitioner 

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