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Healing Crystals for Pets

You may already realize the potential healing properties of crystals, minerals and gemstones for ourselves, but did you know they can heal and balance our precious pets as well? 


Crystal are beautiful gifts from the Mother Earth that are formed in many different ways and have just as many structural makeups, colors and qualities.  Like all matter, these crystals and stones vibrate at different frequencies which give them each different and unique qualities which can be "tuned in to" and utilized as healing tools for all lifeforms. Because they do come from the earth, we believe they resonate with an inherent form of Universal Power, or vibration. All crystals, gemstones and minerals and how they are structured and colored can and do resonate with different frequencies of our own chemical makeup. Through centuries of ancient records we have determined which ones are related to different healing aspects, and chakras.

I personally don't rely completely on the science of crystal functionality but rather my own feelings and intuition about how and why they work. Just like no two people are alike, no two stones are either and so what works for one person may be different from the next, and it's up to each individual to determine what they need. Usually we will be attracted in some way to what we need the most by color, texture or in other more subtle ways. This will be your first indication of what  a crystal can do for you. More times than not, after choosing a crystal in this way you will realize how it will be most beneficial, and that is the maigic of this process.

As with people, this would be true with our pets as well. But Since (most) pets can't speak out loud and tell us which stones they are most drawn to or need for balancing it is up to us to determine that. Usually we know as pet parents what issues our fur babies are having and can choose the crystals we believe will help them the most. Sometimes a pet actually will show a serious interest in a certain crystal which makes it easier, but otherwise we must be tuned into the process and the pets suble reactions or benefits they recieve.

As any pet parent  knows, animals are much more tuned in to subtle energies than most people. They sense things beyond human perception and have a heightened awareness of frequencies, and everything that goes on around them. So it only makes sense that they too will benefit from the incredible healing and balancing properties of crystals. Sometimes even easier or more quickly than humans. 


Before beginning a healing session with your pets you must first make sure you yourself are in the right frame of mind. Make sure you have a familiarirty with subtle energy healing and have balanced your own blockages so that you will have more success with your pets. They can obviously sense imbalances in their humans much more than we can, so it benefits them for you to be grounded, calm and focused before beginning to help them. If you are having a stressful day or feeling unsure in any way, wait til another time to begin, otherwise you will not benefit your pet and may even have the opposit effect of what you're trying to accomplish.

Animals have the same basic chakra system as humans, plus a few more vital ones.

According to Margrit Coates, the world's foremost renowned animal healer,  there is another major chakra which is unique only to animals. The brachial Chakra is located in the area of the shoulders and is the main energy chakra in animals. It is vital to linking all the other major chakras in animals and helps them bond with humans.

The Bud Chakras are found on each footpad and one on each ear opening, at the base. This chakra is especially sensitive to subtle energies around them including many different types of changes in their environment. Since these chakras are on the paws (hoofs etc) it is used for grounding animals and helps them detect atmospheric and other environmental conditions. 

 It will  benefit you to familiarize yourself with the properties of crystals in relation to animals and their needs. Below are just a few of the basics. But please note as always, if you believe your pet is suffering from a serious health issue seek a veterinarians advice first. Crystal healing is a complimentary form of help, not to replace medical attention. DISCLAIMER: I am not an animal health care expert, I'm simply giving ideas and helpful information. Please always use common sense and intuition when working with your pets.

Clear Quartz: This is a master healing stone for your pets as well as us. It can be used in many different healing modalities such as mental, physical and emotional support.

Rose Quartz is the master stone of love and will benefit all rescue pets who were neglected or abused. It allows them to heal and learn to trust again.

Carnelian will benefit a pet with low energy due to illness or aging. It is a vitality stone and helps with the lower chakras especially the Sacral Chakra. It can help with the immune system as well.

Aquamarine aids in excessive barking, reduces stress and quiets the mind.

Garnet enhances mood and overall happiness of your pet.

Amethyst helps slow the aging process and the issues that come with it. 

If you have any other ideas or questions please share in the comments below. 

Stay well! Sandra 

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