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Our Job While We're Here Is To Wake Up.

"Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, man cannot live without a spiritual life."
Spiritual alignment is our natural state that can become lost in the fast paced world we live in causing the total opposite: Misalignment.  Many people living in a state of misalignment feel depressed, irritable, unable to concentrate and experience many other negative emotions.  These maladies all perpetuate the feelings of disconnect from spirit.
What, exactly does living in Spiritual Alignment look like?  And what are some ways to acheive this awakened state?
Ways to become more spiritually aligned are much more simplistic than you may think. You can start by making a few minor and healthy adjustments to your lifestyle.
~ One of the most important steps toward achieving spiritual alignment is being AUTHENTIC. This simply means being true to who you are, speaking your truth and not fearing judgment. Stand up for what you believe in and don't allow disrespect OR practice disrespect towards others. Know what it is that guides your own moral compass and always practice this with integrity and only good intentions. 
~Watch what goes into your physical body.  We all know that things like smoking, alcohol and illicit drugs (as well as some prescription ones) can cause serious health issues. But many don't realize that things like sugar, caffeine,  processed foods, and even meat can lower your vibration. 
~Getting enough rest, and taking care of yourself even if you have to schedule some "me time," to do it. We become so involved in the fast paced, chaotic, ingenuine world we live in that we become emotionally fatigued. Everyone can benefit from a little solitude and time to reflect and decompress. 
~Limit screen time, social media, tv, gaming etc. There are many reasons why technology can become a serious negative in our lives. Binge watching mindless television,  excessive gaming or social media usually indicates a need for escapism and is counterproductive to spiritual development.  Everything is ok in moderation,  just please be objective with yourself when judging if you are being excessive and if so, why.
~Get back to nature,  especially if you work indoors under artificial lighting and recirculated air. Consider grounding yourself by walking outside barefoot on the earth, sitting against a tree, putting your feet in a natural body of water or better yet, play in the rain! This instantly brings you back to yourself,  and ultimately to spirit!
~Incorporate MOVEMENT of some kind into your life. Whether it be scheduled exercise or simply walking places instead of driving, movement recalibrates our thoughts,  brain chemistry and raises our vibration.
~Keep your living spaces tidy.  Our sacred spaces should be just that, sacred. If you allow these environments to become messy and chaotic it will attract a lower vibration in the area which is not conducive to spiritual development and alignment. This doesn't mean that you have to be a "clean freak" and obsess over it, but simply removing clutter and garbage daily from a space will lighten the vibration of it.
~Practice self-care, which translates into self-love. Our bodies are our temples and there should never be guilt attached to caring for and honoring it.  Take pride in the way you present yourself to the world because this has a direct effect on your self esteem,  self respect and healthy boundaries and relationships.
~Pay attention to your breathing.  This may seem insignificant but shallow breaths can contribute to high stress levels and anxiety.  You should consider learning about the correct method of taking deep breaths, as well as breathing regularly from your stomach rather than chest.
~Use meditation,  prayer,  visualization, yoga, mindfulness or your own personal preference to "quiet your mind" and connect to spirit,  your higher self or the Universe. 
Most of all please be patient with this process. Never use other people's progress as a comparison to your own. Some of us find it more difficult than others to connect to our spiritual selves, which is fine and does not mean that it isn't possible. We are all different with different pasts, different beliefs and of course different obstacles that hold us back. You must believe in the process and most of all, believe in yourself. Once you get on the right path, things will unfold in a timely manner, so don't rush it! The Universe works at it's own pace, and one that is most beneficial for us. 
Never forget that we are ALL spiritual beings,  it is our NATURAL STATE. Therefore,  living in alignment is actually the most inherent way, if we just quiet our minds and let it happen!
Please consider sharing your own ideas about spiritual alignment. Thank you for your interest in the subject!
Be Blessed,  Sandra-Elizabeth Hood,  Owner Indigo Dove Metaphysical Shop llc 

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