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Cleansing and Protection of the Human Aura

Because of the mysterious nature of the human aura, most people are not familiar with it's origin or anatomy.  Since the majority of us can't even see our own or other people's energy field we assume it doesn't exist and that makes it seem even more elusive.  Everything in the Universe, however, has a "life force" which radiates around it.  In  humans and other living creatures it reflects our emotional well being and will fluctuate in color depending on many different factors. 

One common question is are auras and chakras the same thing?  No, the difference is, chakras are spinning energy vortices while auras are energy fields surrounding our bodies.  Chakras do influence auras such as when we have emotional or physical blockages but they are not the same thing.  Each layer of the aura is also related to the chakra of the same number so if you are suffering from abnormalities in your essence it will show in these layers of your field. The more you understand the anatomy of the auric fields (also called subtle fields) of your body the easier it will be to keep them flowing freely.  This will help avoid blockages and dis-ease in the physical body.
~The Physical Energy is our flesh and blood selves which consists of atoms that produce the magnetic field also known as the AURA.
~Etheric Energy is the second layer of the aura and is located about an inch from the physical body.  Since some energy practitioners can sense or actually see this layer, it has been described as comparable to a spider web in color and "consistency."
~The Emotional Layer is the third layer which is centrally located within the layers and is where our emotions are reflected.  Therefore it will fluctuate when we are experiencing intense anxiety, fear or the opposite.
~Mental Energy layer is where our own personal beliefs and thoughts about the world are stored and sorted.  This is where all paradigms and past experience are reflected.
~The Spiritual Energy is the final layer and one which connects us to the universal consciousness.  It also connects us to past lives and memories of them.  It is where our higher awareness resides.
These layers follow the contours of our bodies and extend up to 3 feet on each side including above our heads and into the ground.  Different colors also will be reflected in our energy fields which can change depending on mood, physical and emotional well being, as well as personality traits.
Just as our physical space needs regular cleansing and clearing of "clutter," so does our subtle energy space, (re: auras)! 
Our auras are bombarded daily with psychic "clutter" which can lead to many different kinds of blockages.  If you are at all sensitive to bad vibes or especially you are an empath, (or even if you aren't) you will suffer greatly from this daily residual if you don't use cleansing rituals. 
As I ALWAYS say, you have to find what resonates with you as to what methods you use, but below are some ideas which you can tweak for your own personal needs:
Spiritual Baths are a wonderful and very effective way to cleanse body, mind and spirit..including your subtle energy BODY.  It is recommend to use a mix of essential oils (eucalyptus and sandalwood are very powerful aura cleaners), also add sea or pink Himalayan salt. You can add other things such as herbs or rosebuds, depending on your feeling about it. Catch a bit of rain water, or use moonwater as an additive... I have also been known to drop a clear crystal quartz in the water! Again, use what resonates with you. Listen to your intuition as to what you need just remember that if you are in doubt about the actual safety of an item such as an essential oil, be sure to do a quick Google search first. Also, always dispose of all bath water and herbs after use, and recharge a crystal. 
Crystals and crystal grids: Another powerful way to Cleanse your aura is to use healing crystals. Again, you must decide which crystal you need for this because it is very personal and only YOU know. You can find grid designs online or make your own, but find a time when you are alone, in your sacred space to lay a grid around you, on you or by you, then meditate on white light surrounding and cleansing all the psychic clutter from your subtle energy.  Visualization goes hand and hand with this method so if you don't have time to use crystals,  just simply visualize the light surrounding you and all the impurities being disconnected and lifted away.
Clearing Sprays: A very quick yet highly effective way to cleanse AND protect yourself is with smudge/clearing sprays. (*Please note: the word smudge is a sacred Native American term, so please always use it with the utmost respect and awareness). You can purchase them or make your own with sage, palo Santo or lavender essential oils added to distilled water or better yet, moonwater or water gathered during a thunderstorm. Add a protection crystal that is able to be placed in water to the bottle and you have an incredible and powerful cleansing tool. Simply spray above your shoulders, avoiding eyes. Visualize your aura radiating around you as the spray falls around you as well. You can also visualize a white PROTECTIVE bubble encircling you for protection against in coming negative energy before you embark on your day.  (I never leave my house without doing this!)
In Conclusion:
These are just a very few of the ways to take care of your subtle energy field. I hope you have found it helpful! If you have any other ideas please consider sharing your comment below so that together,  we can spread peace and kindness and bring our Mother Earth into a higher vibrational frequency. 

Stay well! ~ Sandra 

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