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Crystals at your Fingertips: Crystal Infused Nail Polish!

Keep your Crystals close by wearing them on your nails!

 I love discovering new and unique products to offer my customers! And I always do plenty of research on a company before making the decision to carry and promote their product.  Besides being unique, I also require products to be cruelty free, non toxic and ethically sourced. I also test and use the products myself to make sure there's no hidden agenda or negative energy attatched.  The people I do business with are all small, mostly women owned companies like my own shop, and offer excellent, personalized services as well.  I believe in supporting kindness oriented, companies that produce small, quality batches, and have the same ethics, transparency and business niche that I represent myself.

This is why I am so excited to offer this Crystal Infused Nail Polish by Positive Times to my customers! It literally contains micronized crystals in the bottle that are charged by a full moon in Brooklyn New York and specially bottled with love, and intention. How awesome is that?

Each product is "inspired by the connection of mind, body and earth, and the power that manifests from it."  Everything made by this two woman team (Danielle and Jami) "incorporates materials and messages meant to evoke strength, positivity, and healing.  Each piece is made with these core values in mind."

More about the nails!

Each color is coordinated with a crystal of the same color and vibration, and can help you focus a specific intention. So for instance, if you desire to balance your heart chakra, or just manifest more unconditional love, you will want to wear Rose Quartz pink or Dalmatian Jasper green. Other polish colors include Ruby red, Tigers Eye copper, Amethyst purple, Black Tourmaline shimmering black, Selenite white, Lapis Lazuli blue, and Clear Quartz top and base coat, which can also be worn alone. 

These colors are vibrant, long lasting and are offered in regular and mini sizes, all listed below! 

Colors and their Crystals:

Lapis Lazuli:

This is a full size polish in flat blue that layers up to a perfect royal.  It contains micronized Lapis Lazuli crystals charged under a Brooklyn NY full moon. This the stone of protection,  truth and reflection. It is also related to the throat chakra and helps with setting healthy boundaries and speaking your truth.

Crocodile Jasper:

This is a full size polish and is also a limited edition with only 200 bottles made. Each is hand numbered, so I feel fortunate to have this in my stock! The color is a deep blue- green with a soft shimmer. Beautiful! It contains micronized Crocodile Jasper crystal that has been charged under a full moon in Brooklyn NY.  This is a stone of stability, strength and comfort. It is also related to the heart chakra and unconditional love, as well as self love.  

**Love Mini Set Trio:

One of each mini size Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Clear Quartz are included in this trio.

The Rose Quartz color is a light, milky pink with the perfect crystal shimmer. It contains a micronized rose quartz that promotes self love, unconditional love and acceptance of others. It supports the heart chakra.  Amethyst color is a moody, cool purple with a pearl shimmer. It cintains a micronized amethyst crystal that is the stone of intuition and and spiritual wisdom, healing and purifying. The Clear Quartz is a clear base or top coat with a micronized clear quartz crystal in it. Clear quartz is a master healer.

**Protection Mini Set Trio:

One of each mini size Selinite, Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz are included in thie trio.

The Selenite is a soft white with a full velvety pearl shine that builds to opaque. It contains micronized genuine selenite crystals charged under a Brooklyn full moon. Selenite: Cleansing, Stability, protection. Black Tourmaline is a soft black with a subtle silver pearl shimmer. I have found that it applies somewhat matte and builds to a shinier finish. Beautifully unique! It contains black tourmaline crystal charged under a Brooklyn full moon. The Clear Quartz is a top or base coat with a clear quartz point included in the bottle. Charged under a Brooklyn full moon.

 **Resolution High Vibe Mini Set Trio: 

One of each mini size Garnet, Tigers Eye, Clear Quartz are included in this trio. They still have the same premium flat brush as full sizes bottles.

The Garnet is a bold classic red and contains genuine micronized crystals charged under a Brooklyn full moon. Garnet is a stone of cleansing and re-energizing the aura. It alleviates emotional disharmony, and works in balancing the root chakra. Tigers Eye is a true metallic gold with flashes of copper. It contains micronized tigers eye crystal charged under a Brooklyn full moon. This is a stone of insight and courage, and brings relief from anxiety. It also helps with focus. Clear Quartz is a clear top or basecoat with a crystal quartz point inside the bottle. It is a master healer and balancing stone, and amplifies all intent.

All high vibe polishes are cruelty free, vegan and 10 free, hand mixed with love and intent!

 The makers of Positive Times Crystal Infused Nail Polish  also donates a portion of all proceeds to charities and organizations which support human rights, wellness and empowerment.  They do their best to source sustainable, local, organic, fair trade, Cruelty free, and responsible materials for products,  branding and packaging.  Which means they are doing right by our planet! 

 I, of course tried each color in testers before making my decision to stock this product and can honestly say that I sincerely FEEL the energy that this company puts into making the product.  This is very special! Especially in a world, and industry of mass production and short cuts, I do believe it's the attention, and INtention that goes into a product that makes it stand out. 

I have always loved fashion and glam myself, so I am a sucker for fun, trendy colors. What I always wondered though was what exactly I was applying to my nail bed when the ingredient list sounded downright scary. 

These polish formulas do not contain the top ten toxic chemicals that are in a lot of Polishes (10- free).



Thanks  for your interest! All comments are welcome. 

Stay well... stay glam!

Sandra-Elizabeth Hood Owner Indigo Dove Metaphysical Shop llc,  Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist and Certified Reiki Practitioner, Former Esthetician 


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